Baking for a market


Baking for a market is no mean feat. Preparation starts several days before the big day. We’ve got a basic menu for each farmers market stall but we do like to ring the changes and often, it’s a spur of the moment thing.The main bake for Thanet Farmers Market tomorrow is happening today, but the preparation started yesterday when all the pastry was made and set aside in the fridge. Sweet and savoury tart cases were then baked off ready for filling today. A batch of chocolate marshmallow and a raspberry & white chocolate ganache was made and set aside in the fridge as both need about 24 hours to properly set before being turned into treats on stick.  A final check on ingredients was also made.

Today started on rising really when, while waiting for the coffee machine to warm up, the bread pudding mixture that was prepped yesterday and had been languishing in the fridge letting the flavours develop, was then put into the oven. An hour and fifteen minutes later, long enough for morning ablutions to be completed, the timer goes and the rest of the day commences.


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