Welcome to Never Mind the Cupcakes

lemon & darkIt’s difficult to know what to write for the very first blog.  It’s taken many hours to get this far, many frustrating hours of reading WordPress tutorials, but finally, success, or at least a site and a blog.  I’m sure it will be refined over time.

So, what do we say? How do we start?  One way is to say what we’re about.  It’s funny, whenever we mention the name of our business, it’s always assumed that we make cupcakes, but that’s the one thing we don’t make.  As the name suggests, Never Mind the Cupcakes, we make (almost)  everything else!  Tarts, quiches, cakes, meringues, croissants and pastries and even sometimes loaves of bread.

We use only fine quality ingredients, locally sourced wherever possible.  Our chocolate is either from Belgium or Columbia, cake & pastry flours are from Shipton Mill, butter and bread flours are French.  Our eggs are sourced from Monkshill Farm, vegetables & fruit from local farm shops and meat from one of three local farm butcherys – Butcher of Brogdale, Chandler & Dunn, or Monkshill Farm.

So, welcome to Never Mind the Cupcakes.  Stay with us -there’ll be lots more to come….

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